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Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Company

We are your one stop service provider for cleaning all of your carpets in your house. We’ll go to your place and clean all your carpets.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

All in all, our cleaning company is by far the most valuable in the area and you will surely not be disappointed with the quality of the services offered to you.

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Mold Removal

Mold Removal

In a way, our company helps in keeping you healthy. So, there is a mutual relationship existing between the service seeker and the service provider.

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Stain removal and excellent upholstery cleaning services by the best

These FAQs contain the most common issues in dealing with carpets and the proper care to be taken. Find them here.

If you are looking for water damage restoration solutions for your carpet, want to know how to take care of rugs or are seeking answers to several carpet cleaning questions, check out the following page. These are frequently asked questions about stain removal and cleaning and their helpful, short and straight to the point answers.

Learn how to clean sofas and upholstery properly. Here you can find the best carpet cleaning answers!

What should I do about stubborn stains?

Chances are that you delayed taking the right steps to get rid of the stain at the outset. Our carpet cleaning company in South Pasadena has the right tools and technical skills to deal with even the most challenging stains. Get in touch with us and we will restore your carpet back to life.

How do I prevent excessive matting?

First of all you need to learn to use your carpet well. That means that you do not place it under undue strain. Some of the problematic areas include dust and mud. You need to also use a good protector which is recommended so that the damage is not long-lasting.

How does carpet cleaning work?

According to our experts, our carpet cleaning contractors use hot water extraction for carpet cleaning or steam cleaning which removes the most stubborn spots. A mixture of soft but hot water and professional carpet cleaning solution are injected into the fibers of the carpet.

My carpet has mold. What should I do?

Mold grows on carpets since most carpets hold a certain amount of moisture allowing them to thrive. Carpet Cleaning South Pasadena offers mold damage cleanup and repair for these types of situations. Mold treatments not only remove the mold already in the carpet, but also prevent them from coming back.

Can I remove bad carpet odors?

Yes, carpet odor removal is not very hard unless the bad odors come from mold. In this case, you should remove mold first, check and control the extent of the problem, clean up well the contaminated area and make sure the carpet is dry. Bad odors from stains, dirt and pet urine will also go away if you apply vinegar and water. Vinegar will also keep mold from expanding.

How long does it usually take to clean a carpet?

In general, a full house carpet cleaning will usually take from half an hour up to 1 1/2 hours or possibly more, depending on the services requested. It also depends on the size of the home and how much preparation our technicians need to make, such as moving small items away and off the carpet. Additional time and charges may apply if heavy, breakable, or electronic items need to be moved.

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